Silicone injections for buttock augmentation: Illegal , Unsafe and a Bad Idea

By Syed Sayeed,


Many women around the world and in the United States have undergone unsafe injections for buttock augmentation and enhancement. The procedures during which silicone (sometimes non medical grade) or other foreign material is injected into the buttock skin and soft tissue can lead to devastating consequences. The body creates a naturally shell around any foreign object placed in the body. This occurs with prosthetic joints, breast implants, non-dissolving sutures and and material that does not dissolve or incorporate. Women with breast implants for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes are very familiar with the topic of capsule formation since it is discussed as a potential complication of the surgery. Capsules can create distortion and pain.

When large amounts of foreign material is pumped into the body as done with buttock injections it floats freely until the body forms a a capsule around it. The immune system focuses its entire energy into walling off these tiny beads of liquid or gel leaving patients susceptible to many infections and organ dysfunction. The injections can also compromise the blood supply to the skin leaving areas of dead skin and soft tissue. When patients become symptomatic surgery is the only solution.

Safe options for buttock augmentation include fat transfer more commonly referred to as the ” Brazilian Butt Lift” during which a patients own fat is removed by liposuction and re-injected into areas where a fuller look is desired and gluteal implants which are contained silicone implants as opposed to freely injected silicone.

If you have received such injections or know anyone who has and need more information regarding medical management. Please reach out to us. Surgery is not always the primary and immediate treatment.

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