Burn Care

Burn care and Reconstruction

Burns are usually painful injuries. Proper management during the early phases of injury affect final outcome including early wound care and grafting if needed. The trauma can lead to psychological and physical scarring. Difficulties in mobility and unacceptable scarring and even abnormal pain can many times be treated with surgical procedures. Dr Sayeed is fellowship trained in Burn Surgery from the Shriner’s Hospital in Galveston Texas. He has also co-authored the chapter on operative management of burns in the most comprehensive textbook on burn care.

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Our Approach

Dr. Sayeed’s goal is to optimize aesthetic appearance, as well as improve the functional limitations created by scars from trauma including burns.

Techniques used for reconstruction include scar excision, tissue expansion, flap reconstruction, and fat or skin grafting.

A thorough consultation is required to review all options.

Dr. Sayeed is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is dedicated to the care of burn patients and works to prevent and treat the scarring or deformities associated with a burn injury. You will meet one on one with Dr. Sayeed to discuss your needs and personalized treatment plan. A personalized treatment plan from Precision Surgery will bring you optimized results to address your needs and goals.