Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstruct Your Body’s Natural Beauty

Dr Sayeed specializes in many reconstructive procedures and has a keen interest in corrective procedures. The challenges posed by difficult clinical cases requires a compassionate, understanding, well trained and confident surgeon. Dr. Sayeed develops a very close relationship with all of his patients which helps to create a sense of trust that expectations are understood and care is individualized.

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Other Reconstructive Surgeries

Dr Sayeed performs reconstructive procedures on both children and adults. Reconstructive procedures can help correct congenital abnormalities, trauma related injuries and disfigurement after infections or other surgery. These procedures may be covered by insurance and include procedures such as scar revision, corrective surgery after illegal buttock injections, breast reduction and reconstruction, nasal surgery and abdominal wall reconstruction.

Reconstructive Procedures

He has a keen interest in surgery to improve or correct complications arising after cosmetic procedures.